Company Daroupat Shargh packaging industry as the first manufacturer of plastic sheets required for packaging in the pharmaceutical and food industries, its activity with the manufacturing of hard PVC (PVC Rigid) began in October 1377.

The company has scientific backing and actively specialized and rely on the principle of diversification production is all kinds of sheets, PVC Rigid, PVC Shrink, PVDC, PET, Lamination, HIPS and Shrink Label printing eight colors in thicknesses and widths and tailored to the needs our customers produce.
The company’s products under the direction of experts from the Ministry of Health approved the production and quality control laboratory is internationally recognized European.

Company Darvpat East after the successful production of sheet PVC Rigid for the pharmaceutical industry and according to all manufacturing industries, in order to meet the needs and prevent the import, to produce sheets of specialized PVC / PVDC for packaging of tablets and capsules are sensitive to light and moisture respected authorities with the support of the Ministry of Health drug administration.

Product diversification, upgrading production technology, according to customers’ requirements and needs of a variety of PTFE packing packaging machinery, food industry and has caused the company’s experts with effective participation in the knowledge-based production of sheets of plastic, now product portfolio versatile and efficient to provide the following to our customers.

– the first sheet of hard PVC (PVC Rigid) in Iran in 1377 for the packing of medicines.

– the first sheet of PVC / PVDC in Iran in 1379 for packing light and moisture sensitive drugs.

– the first PET sheet for food packaging in Iran in 1380.

– production of polystyrene sheets PS in 1382 for the production of food containers.

– Polypropylene PP sheet production in 1382 for the production of food containers.

– production of sheets of PVC Shrink in 1383.

– production Shrink Sleeve Label printing eight colors in 1384 as labels and containers and bottles pod.

– Production of Sheet Lamination (PVC / PE, PET / PE) in 1386 for packing food, especially baked and frozen foods.

– production of sheets of PVC / PE / PVDC in 1394 for packing drugs are extremely sensitive to light and moisture.

The achievements of the company in the production and supply of plastic sheets to various market these products.